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PLSJ Helps Put Faces to Names of Jefferson County Veterans

Friday, April 06, 2018

   The Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County assisted organizations, abroad in the Netherlands and at home in the United States, to put a face to the names of Jefferson County veterans who fought and died while serving in the Vietnam War and WWII.


   Erika Grubbs of the library’s Local History & Genealogy Department at the Schiappa Branch received requests for two separate projects that asked the library’s help to honor local veterans who died in service by providing photographs to names.


    The Netherlands American Cemetery in the town of Margraten, the Netherlands will pay special tribute to American veterans May 2-6, 2018 by placing pictures next to those buried and listed on the Walls of the Missing through The Faces of Margraten project. The Faces of Margraten project, created by the Foundation United Adopters American War Graves, collects photos of our fallen, and sponsors a bi-annual event at the cemetery during the Dutch Memorial Day weekend.  5,500 photos are on display that weekend.


   A volunteer for the Faces of Margraten project, who is from the United States, contacted Erika seeking five names of veterans from Steubenville.  Erika was able to find three photographs to submit.  “Through the high school yearbook collection and the Jefferson County WorldWar II book, we were able to work together to put faces to these men’s names,” said Erika.


   The Netherlands American Cemetery is the only American military cemetery in the Netherlands and is one of 26 overseas American military cemeteries managed by the American Battle Monuments Commission, which is an agency of the U.S. federal government.  Read more about the project at


   Erika’s second request came from The Wall of Faces searching for 5 photographs of Jefferson County Vietnam veterans who died during service and wanting to post the pictures online.  She was able to find four photographs.  “People can search for and see pictures of Vietnam veterans and additional info like date of birth, date of casualty, branch of service, and hometown,” explained Erika. 


   The Wall of Faces places a face to the more than 58,300 names of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (commonly referred to as The Wall) in Washington, D.C.  Collected photos are displayed online at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund’s Wall of Faces which features a  page for each person whose name is on the Memorial.  You can view the pictures at  


   Erika was able to help both organizations by using yearbooks that were donated to the library by the public and veterans books produced by the library.  “These projects made me thankful for the kindness and generosity of our community for donating not only yearbooks to the library, but also photos for the various veteran's projects over the years when Sandy Day was here,” said Erika.  Former Local Historian and Genealogist Sandy Day collected photographs and information of Jefferson County veterans to produce a series of books of the wars from the Civil War to the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.   The veterans books are located in the Ohio Room at the Schiappa Branch and on the library’s website at the DigitalShoebox Project at